Creating digital libraries

Turning paper archives into online databases. On time, on budget.

Whatever kind of data you work with, we bet that your paper archives aren't pulling their weight anymore. We can help with:

  • preparing collections for scanning
  • P.Geo. review and removal of unneeded material (duplicates)
  • handling fragile, real world documents
  • scanning documents and maps
  • creating geographical and geological metadata
  • entering the metadata into a custom database
  • shipping and handling of paper collections
Information Management

Document scanning

Quality-controlled scanning for the toughest documents.

Many document scanning services specialize in the easy stuff. We specialize in real world archives, which are faded, blemished, fragile, dirty and difficult. Here's what we can handle:

  • scanning difficult documents
  • large format scanning up to 112 cm (44")
  • specialty photograph stitching for documents above 44"
  • scanning books without breaking their binding
  • image manipulation to improve clarity
  • clean-up to remove staple marks, streaks, hole punches and blemishes
  • batch optical character recognition (OCR)
  • verification of OCR
  • reducing file size of scanned images
  • guaranteed quality control
  • georeferencing scanned maps

Technical and scientific editing

Experienced editors who know your field.

We've collaborated on almost 400 journal articles, research papers, theses, books and other works, at all stages of the publication cycle. We believe two editors is are better than one, so two people look at every paper, to make sure we've caught every thing everything.

Our editing services include:

  • proofreading
  • copy editing
  • technical editing
  • scientific editing in the geosciences, biology, electrical and computer engineering, computer science
  • reference checking
  • style and formatting
  • conformance to style guides
  • fixing graphics and tables
  • desktop publishing
  • preparing for publication or online release
Technical and Scientific Editing

Database creation

Big Data is the future, and Big Data is just a lot of data.

We design database schemas and create the web user interface needed to access and administer your data. You put the data to work and take over your world, or stake that enticing mineral claim, if you prefer.

  • Database software selection
  • Schema creation
  • Creation of web user interface with powerful administration tools
  • Creation of full-text search interfaces
  • Data entry of metadata and geological data
Database Creation

Software development

Keeping one step ahead.

Our software development expertise goes beyond designing the framework for your database to adding functionality and efficiency to other aspects of your company. We can work with Windows, Mac, Linux and embedded systems, along with a plethora of programming languages, making it easier for us to jump into an existing project and improve on its existing features.

Software Development