We are proud to be part of the geoscience publication process, working to help people communicate their ideas more clearly. Since 2006, our team has contributed to the editing, layout and publication of hundreds of geoscience journal articles and other documents. The following is a selected list of our works.

We provide copy editing, technical editing, proofreading, desktop publishing, and professional quality typesetting. We can prepare documents for prepress or release them directly as online works.

We specialize in geoscience editing, but we can, and have, worked our magic in many different scientific and technical fields.

If you're looking for a skilled team of science and technical editors, we'll let our experience speak for itself.

Papers authored

Hancock, K. and Barlow, N. D. (2009): British Columbia's Property File: Project Update and a Case Study of an Integrated MapPlace Analysis of a Target Hidden in the Files; in Geological Fieldwork 2009, BC Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Barlow, N. D., Flower, K., Sweeney, S., Robinson, G., Barlow, J. R. (2009): QUEST and QUEST-West Property File: analysis and integration of Property File's Industry File documents with British Columbia's MINFILE (NTS 093, 094A, B, C, D, 103I), Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2009, Geoscience BC.

Barlow, N. D. (2009): QUEST Project Property File Update; BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, Geofile 2009-10 and Geoscience BC.


Papers we edited were included in the following journals, among many others: