Purple Rock Inc. is a professional services company specializing in geological information management.

We convert paper archives of geological data (reports, maps and other records) into searchable files and databases. This way, geoscientists can leverage past research to inform new exploration. Occurrences that were found in the past might have been overlooked then – and could be economically viable now, thanks to new technology and changing commodity prices.

Our analysts can review this research and highlight significant findings therein. We have worked with a variety of organizations, public and private to catalog, review, interpret and scan over 100,000 geological documents.

We also work with geologists and other scientists to help them communicate their ideas more effectively. Our team has assisted with technical and copy editing for over 1000 academic papers. We have worked with government, academia, technical journals, students and researchers.

The company is privately held and based in beautiful Victoria, BC.

From 2006–2011, the company operated under the name Purple Rock Editing.