Unlocking the value
of archives

Geologists are record-keepers of the Earth. We drill holes and log core. We collect samples and describe their characteristics. We conduct analyses and interpret the results. We map traverses. We plot coordinates. We capture information from geophysical surveys. We report on new findings, correspond with colleagues, and share our discoveries.

We generate data that describe the Earth.

Some of these data have contributed to finding and establishing the great mines of our time. But the rest? The forgotten records may be in a warehouse, hundreds of kilometres from your office. They may be in the filing cabinet down the hall. They may even be PDFs in a folder on your colleague’s desktop. The information is locked away, unsearchable in its current form.

That’s where Purple Rock comes in.

We take your archives – whatever their format or condition – and make sense of them, organizing, indexing, and digitizing the documents so that you can see exactly what you have. Instead of forgotten records and locked information, you’ll have a collection that you can access and build on as you continue exploring, describing, and searching for the next great mine.


Unlocking the value
of archives

Geological researchers in the past sometimes discovered mineral occurrences that at the time they were unable to pursue, perhaps because the resource was not as valuable at the time, limited funding forced them to focus on other opportunities, or infrastructure and technology did not make it economical to develop the occurrence. Over time, this research is filed and forgotten.

That’s where Purple Rock comes in.

We convert paper archives of geological data (reports, maps and other records) into searchable files and databases.

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Creating Digital Libraries

Turning paper archives into online databases.


Quality-controlled scanning for the toughest documents.

Technical &
Scientific Editing

Experienced writers and editors who know your field.


Big Data is the future.

Software Development

Our software development expertise goes beyond designing the framework for your database to adding functionality and efficiency to other aspects of your company. We can work with Windows, Mac, Linux and embedded systems, along with a plethora of programming languages, making it easier for us to jump into an existing project and improve on its existing features.


Latest Publications

We are proud to be part of the geoscience publication process, working to help people communicate their ideas more clearly. Since 2006, our team has contributed to the editing, layout and publication of hundreds of geoscience journal articles and other documents.


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Our Clients

We work with geologists and other scientists to help them communicate their ideas more effectively. Our team has assisted with technical and copy editing for over 1000 academic papers. We have worked with government, academia, technical journals, students and researchers.