Unlocking the value
of archives

Geoscientists are leaders in the world of gathering Big Data. Drill holes pierce targets and every metre of the core is described. Rock, soil, vegetation, water and gasses are collected and documented. Laboratories are overloaded with samples and results poured over. Above and below ground is traversed, creating maps of what is seen. Where geology cannot be seen, geophysical data illuminates bedrock and structure. And all the while, an obsession over location data tells them where they are, and where they should be going,

Geoscientists are prolific report writers. Guided by knowledge and wisdom, data are transformed into comprehensive reports highlighting discoveries or documenting best efforts if a search was less fruitful.  Each report is a contribution to a collective body of knowledge, leaving important footsteps for future explorers.

Geoscientists never throw anything away. Data collection and report generation is a huge effort and expense.  Regrettably, paper copies of data and reports may end up in a filing cabinet down the hall. Maps can be rolled and discarded in the nearest corner.  They may exist as PDF files in unsecured folders on a colleague’s desktop.  They could end up in a warehouse, hundreds of kilometres from your office. In too many scenarios, and too many ways, the future value of archival data and reports can be lost.

That’s where Purple Rock comes in.

We take your archives – whatever their format or condition – and make sense of them, organizing, indexing, and digitizing the documents so that you can see exactly what you have. Instead of overlooked data and locked information, you’ll have your valuable archives at your disposal in your quest for the next great mine.


Unlocking the value
of archives

Geological researchers in the past sometimes discovered mineral occurrences that at the time they were unable to pursue, perhaps because the resource was not as valuable at the time, limited funding forced them to focus on other opportunities, or infrastructure and technology did not make it economical to develop the occurrence. Over time, this research is filed and forgotten.

That’s where Purple Rock comes in.

We convert paper archives of geological data (reports, maps and other records) into searchable files and databases.

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Creating Digital Libraries

Turning paper archives into online databases.


Quality-controlled scanning for the toughest documents.

Technical &
Scientific Editing

Experienced writers and editors who know your field.


Big Data is the future.

Software Development

Our software development expertise goes beyond designing the framework for your database to adding functionality and efficiency to other aspects of your company. We can work with Windows, Mac, Linux and embedded systems, along with a plethora of programming languages, making it easier for us to jump into an existing project and improve on its existing features.


Latest Publications

We are proud to be part of the geoscience publication process, working to help people communicate their ideas more clearly. Since 2006, our team has contributed to the editing, layout and publication of hundreds of geoscience journal articles and other documents.


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Our Clients

We work with geologists and other scientists to help them communicate their ideas and use their data more effectively. Our team has digitized thousands of technical reports, reviewed about 250,000 documents for various document databases, and assisted with technical and copy editing for over 1000 academic papers. We have worked with government, industry, academia, technical journals, students and researchers.